Tram No. 8
No. 8 following repainting in MMTB livery - 20/9/2008 Photo Warren Doubleday
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No. 8 - Arts Centre - early 1970's, from the E. Butland collection - BTM Collection No. 8 following recommissioning by BTM - 17/3/2001 Photo Warren Doubleday
Date Built 1934 Builder Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
Technical Details (As Built)        
Type Single truck tank car fitted for rail groove flushing and rail scrubbing.
Length 22' 0" (6.705m) Width 7' 5.5" (2.27m)
Height 10' 9" (3.27m) Wheelbase 8' 0" (2.27m)
Approx. Mass 12 tons (12.2 tonnes)    
1934 Built by the MMTB as No. 8.
1961 Repainted from green and cream to string and cream, additional lights added.
1975 Renumbered to No. 8W
198? Repainted in “The Met” yellow colour scheme.
199? Withdrawn from regular use and stored at Malvern Depot.
1999 Donated by the Public Transport Corporation to the BTM.
2000 Recommissioned, with some of the MMTB additional lights removed.
2005 Repainting in MMTB green and cream livery completed.
Heritage Significance:      
One of a few service vehicles built from almost new by the MMTB rather than being a converted vehicle.
Conservation Plan:
Use as a operational track maintenance tram, maintain in MMTB livery with some of the additional lights fitted by the MMTB in 1961 removed.
Museum Status:
Operational vehicle, general use in Museum service maintaining track
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