Tram No. 661
On the access track c1984 - Photo William F Scott.
Decorated with plastic flowers from recycled bottles - 24-2-2019 - Photo Warren Doubleday
One of 16 cars built by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board between 1930 and 1934 and classed "W3". This was the first class of Melbourne drop centre cars to have all steel framing. Purchased by the Society in 1975.
661-Elsternwick 661-btm4385i2
W3 661 and X2 675 crossover the Elsternwick level crossing during reconstruction - c1960 - Photo John Alfred 661 in Bourke St Mall, 29/4/1989 - Photo William F Scott.
Date Built 1932 Builder Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
Technical Details (As Built)        
Type Equal wheel truck, bogie, drop centre combination.
Length 47' 0" (14.32m) Width 9' 0" (2.74m)
Height 10' 5" (3.17m) Wheelbase 5' 9" (1.76m)
Approx. Mass 15.7 tons (16.0 tonnes)    
1934 Built by the MMTB, and entered service as tram No. 661, class W3.
1969 Withdrawn from service and stored.
1976 Acquired by the BTPS and stored off site.
1980 Entered service at Ballarat.
1984 Repainted to am 1920's MMTB chocolate and cream colour scheme completed.
2019 Decorated as the Flower Tram for the 2019 Begonia Festival.
Heritage Significance:      
One of a number of this type of tram still in working order in Australian museums. Tram shows the transition in Melbourne tramcar design in the early 1930's between the W2 and W5. Not part of the Ballarat public transport era.
Conservation Plan:
To be finalised.
Museum Status:
2020 - Stored offsite.
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