Tram No. 11
No. 11 at Depot 1995 - Photo Warren Doubleday
Built in 1915 by the Meadowbank Manufacturing Co. for the Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust. Became Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board "J" class car number 65. Purchased by the Melbourne Electric Supply Co. Ltd. in 1928, becoming Geelong number 28. Transferred to Ballarat in 1935. On closure of the Ballarat tramways, was assigned to the Daylesford historical Museum. Retained by them until acquired by the Museum and moved to the depot in 1979.
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Melbourne J 65 following the 1923 Deepdene collision with steam locomotive F182. Photo Richard Simpson from the Richard Gilbert Collection. No. 11 inbound in Victoria St - crossing over the Eureka siding railway bridge- 1/1966 - Photograph Peter Moses.
Date Built 1915 Builder Meadowbank Manufacturing Co. Sydney
Technical Details (As Built)        
Type Single truck, drop ends, open California combination
Length 30' 8" (9.35m) Width 8' 11" (2.72m)
Height 10' 8" (3.25m) Wheelbase 6' 6" (1.98m)
Approx. Mass 12 tons (12.2 tonnes)    
1915 Delivered to Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust as tram No 65.
1920 Taken over by Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board as No. 65, class J.
1923 Collided with Victorian Railways steam locomotive F182 at the Deepdene level crossing.
1928 Sold to Melbourne Electric Supply Co. for use on the Geelong tramway system as No. 28. Converted to Geelong one-man style.
1930 Geelong tramway system taken over by the State Electricity Commission.
1935 Transferred by the SEC to Ballarat tramway system as Tram No. 11.
1936 Converted to Ballarat configuration of waist level panels in drop ends, with closeable doors in each corner on the tramcar.
1950's Given an interior paint of winter green and Parisian tan.
1971 Acquired by the Daylesford & District Historical Society.
1977 Acquired by the BTPS.
Heritage Significance:      
One of a number of this type of tram still in working order in Australian tramway museums. Has no motors. Interior one of the few given a paint finish by SEC, others are varnished. Has timber panelled sides.
Conservation Plan:
Maintain interior paint scheme and paint exterior to that of the time of the interior colours.
Museum Status:
Non-operational vehicle, stored off site.
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