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Ballarat Tramway Museum - Museum Junction and Zoo Drive Track Replacement

The project will replace up to 600m of track that is in a state of disrepair and dates back to 1905. This will allow the Ballarat Tramway Museum to continue to operate its historic trams in a safe manner for the local community and the 30,000 + visitors per annum.

The objectives of the project are to:

• ensure BTM can continue to offer visitors the unique and popular experience of riding historic trams;

• support tourism activity in Ballarat;

• ensure continued engagement of 60 current volunteers and increase opportunities for an additional volunteers; and

• create safe and reliable infrastructure which will last for many decades to come.

The Museum would like to thank the State Government, through their Regional Development Victoria and the City of Ballarat for their ongoing support in keeping Ballarat’s history alive.

As well, thanks to Yarra Trams for technical and logistical assistance.

Project signboard

Project Signboard - 4-3-2022.


Victorian Government logo.


Announcing the funding

Announcing the funding - Paul Mong BTM President and Juliana Addison, MLA for Wendouree 20/5/2021.


4-6-2022 Depot Junction concreted and construction of depot trackwork

Tracks for the new museum - 1-6-2022.

Welding the museum connection - 30-5-2022.

Concreting depot junction - 30-5-2022.

27-5-2022 Depot Junction and commencement on depot access tracks

Museum Junction tracks - 25-5-2022.

Depot track excavations - 25-5-2022.

Excavating the depot fan - 25-5-2022.

Excavating the depot access tracks - 25-5-2022.

Excavating the old access track - 24-5-2022.

Depot Junction curve laid out - 24-5-2022.

20-5-2022 Loop construction complete, depot junction removed.

The loop concreted - 16-5-2022.

Removing the Wendouree Parade crossing - 18-5-2022.

Revealling the 1974 construction 19-5-2022.

Track drains at the loop - 16-5-2022.

Track drains concreted in - 16-5-2022.

Concreting the loop 16-5-2022.

13-5-2022 Construction of the crossing loop underway.

The loop taking shape - 13-5-2022.

The points changing box 12-5-2022.

The welding crew 11-5-2022.

Points delivered 10-5-2022.

Laying out trackwork - 10-5-2022.

Positioning rails - 10-5-2022 - note the laptop.

6-5-2022 After a break for holidays, the replaced track has been asphalted. Track work to recommence 9-5-2022.

Location of the junction for the New Museum 6-5-2022.

Laying Ashphalt near depot junction - 6-5-22

Laying Ashphalt - 6-5-2022 at old loop.

Laying Ashphalt - 5-5-2022.

Laying Ashphalt near depot junction - 5-5-22.

Laying Ashphalt near depot junction - 5-5-22

16-4-2022 Gardens Loop removed and track replacement progressing to St Aidans Drive.

North Gardens - 13-4-2022.

St Aidans - 13-4-2022.

North Gardens - 14-4-2022.

Adjusting rails - 11-4-2022.

Removing the loop - 13-4-2022.

Removing the loop 2 - 13-4-2022.

9-4-2022 Old Track removal and new track installation commenced.

Track Removal in Wendouree Parade 5-4-2022

Old track removed 5-4-22

Laying out conduit 6-4-2022.

St Aidans Drive terminus 7-4-2022.

Rail chomper at work 7-4-22.

Rails and sleepers laid out- 8-4-22.

2-4-2022 Work Commenced

Tram Line Works sign 2-4-2022

New Point castings at Beckwith Iron & Steel Coburg North 29-3-2022

First rails delivered ready for welding - 2-4-2022.


City of Ballarat announced the tender for the track work had been awarded to Fulton Hogan who undertook the 2019 work for the Museum.


The City of Ballarat has completed the preparation of the drawings for the Project and Tenders have been called. The Sleepers and rails etc have been ordered.

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