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For work near our Infrastructure.


Any work conducted near the Ballarat Tramway Museum's Infrastructure in Wendouree Parade must be approved by the Museum prior to work commencing. This includes work around, under or above tracks, overhead, poles, tram stops and buildings. Road works that require road traffic to be diverted onto the tram tracks are included.

The electrical overhead power lines, the trolley wire, associated structures and fittings must be considered to be alive at all times, even though the tramway may appear not to be operating.

Applications must be made to the Museum at least five (5) working days prior to the scheduled commencement of works.

For any works or temporary structures near the Wendouree Parade 600V DC overhead, or other electrical assets or for boring under the track or for work near the track (within 1m of the nearest rail), applications must be made to the Museum (including SWMS) via email to

Note: The electrical assets are shared with Powercor and their approval may also need to be obtained.

For direct contact to the Museum to discuss any application, please call:

Paul Mong 0418 182 536

Neville Britton 0427 302 660


Ballarat Tramway Museum Inc. - PO Box 632 Ballarat Vic 3353 Australia - - phone +61 3 5334 1580. A0031819K

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