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The Ballarat Tramway Museum would love to hear your stories and see any photographs of the Ballarat Tramways Santa Trams. Once submitted, we will review it and if all OK, it will be published here.

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Ho, Ho, Ho,

Hi folks, this is Santa here. You know I really enjoy driving the sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve, but I also need something to do for the rest of the year. I sometimes like to drive antique trams, and I have found a great collection in Ballarat at the BTM. The nice people there let me drive them when I visit. Of course I don't usually wear my best suit (the red and white one), but instead dress in a nice green one. However if it is near Christmas I do wear the special suit to please the children. I was driving a few Christmases ago when a gentleman with a big family party in the park asked me if I would give him a lift from the toilet block where he changed to the party site. It turned out he was one of the many "look-alikes" that pretend to be me at that time of the year. I really don't mind, after all imitation is the greatest form of flattery! Here is a picture of the two of us. You can tell which is me, I don't need a fake beard.

There is also a picture showing the wonderful gold tram that they got for me
to drive.

two santas santa and tram 45

All the best,

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Some photos of Ballarat No. 21 decorated in 1986 as a Santa Tram by the St Kilda Tramway Museum (Adelaide). The tram, former Adelaide No. 10 is now operated by the Australian Electric Traction Museum. The contributor's grand parents were involved,with granddad playing the role of the man in the red suit.


AETM Santa Tram1 AETM Santa Tram2
ASTM Santa Tram5 AETM Santa Tram7
ASTM Santa Tram5 AETM Santa Tram7


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