Floral Tram Project 2019

Join us at the Ballarat Tramway Museum to reinvent a “FLORAL TRAM” for the 2019 Ballarat Begonia Festival. We need help to RECYCLE and REUSE PLASTIC to COVER A TRAM with FLOWERS. The Floral Trams were used during the Ballarat Floral Festivals of 1938 and 1939. For images of these trams see the Floral Photo Gallery.

You can help by:

  • Collecting materials – see the list of materials
  • Making the flowers – download instructions to do it at home
  • Come to a workshop and learn the tricks, as well as meeting other flower makers.


Plastic Flower making workshops are being held at the Ballarat Tramway Museum on the 1st Tuesday of Month from 11.00-12.30, and on the 2nd Sunday of Month 1.00-3.00pm.


  • July 3rd & 8th
  • Aug 7th & 12th
  • Sep 4th & 9th
  • Oct 2nd & 14th

These workshops are free, but it would help if you let us know if you are coming, and bring plastic bottles (empty, clean and dry) with lid, and a bag (bring lots!). Bringing your own scissors would help too.

Floral tram sketch 661


Collect for us or use in your own creations PLASTIC that would normally be thrown away or placed into recycling bins.

  • Grocery plastic bags
  • Plastic bottles with lids
  • Vegetable plastic bags
  • Lids all sorts
  • Acrylic wool/string (needs to be strong enough not to break)
  • Plastic Ties
  • Ribbon waterproof
floral materials image 1 floral materials image 2 floral materials image 3


  1. FLORAL TRAM PROJECT SHEET 1 – making flowers from plastic bags
  2. FLORAL TRAM PROJECT SHEET 2 – making flowers from bottles (tops)
  3. FLORAL TRAM PROJECT SHEET 3 - making flowers from bottles (bottoms)
  4. FLORAL TRAM PROJECT SHEET 4 – making flowers from bottles (middles)
  5. PINTEREST -  https://www.pinterest.com.au/ballarattramwaymuseum/floral-tram-2019/


No. 1 - 30 June 2018



Floral Photo Gallery

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